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2017 Planner

Senior year of undergrad I wanted to get organized. I had a problem where I would start in one planner, get bored and buy another one ( waste of time and money). So, for 2017 I decided to invest in a planner I would finish all the way through, and I’m glad to say I did. I choose the Ban.do planner because of the colorful layouts. Thus getting me even more excited to continue planning and organizing my life.

The planners come in medium and large, I opted for the medium as it was easier for me to carry around between work and school. The monthly spread provided me with enough space to write quick bullet points, while the weekly spread also offered enough space, along with quotes.


  • Quality paper

  • Stickers

  • Metal wire band aligned so papers doesn’t easily rip

  • Quotes


  • I wish it was more personal, with a life tracker ( monthly focus and daily goal)


kiki planner.jpg

2018 planner

Fast forward, I’m in Graduate school and definitely in need of a new planner. I wanted to switch it up from last year so while in the mall I stumbled across Kikki.k a stationery store. What drew me to this planner was, of course, the color scheme as it reminded me of pink lemonade. However, what sold me was the opening page, where it asks to list my three priorities for the next twelve months. Making this planner more than just when my next assignment was due but, also time for personal goals.


  • Monthly focus

  • Weekly spread contained the weekly focus, top properties, something for me, and a water intake tracker

  • Gratitude page

  • Sturdy paper


  • No stickers ( can buy separately though)



For the upcoming year I was torn between two planners, the Book’d planner and the Happiness planner.

Each had qualities I loved, and I was cutting it close when it came time to decide.

Book’d planner



  • Awesome covers

  • Quality paper

  • 2019 Vision board

  • Monthly and weekly goals


  • Would like more pops of color in the monthly and weekly section

Happiness planner



  • Daily quotes

  • Monthly year and end reflection

  • Quality paper

  • I like the daily section layout


  • The monthly calendar spacing

  • Lack of color in the planner

Ultimately I’m still undecided.

Today is black Friday and all planners mentioned have a deal: 

  • Ban.do is 30 % off 

  • Kikki.k is 30 % off

  •  Happiness planner buy 2 get 1 free with code 

  •  The book’d store today only is buy one get the second half off

Let’s get motivated for 2019✨

Comment which planner is your favorite, and what planner you’re going with for the new year. Also, name any planners I should check out.

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