NYC Eats

NYC Eats

Hi, my name is Aishia, and I'm a restaurant repeater. Caught in the routine of going to the same restaurants over and over again. I’m proud to say I'm challenging myself to expand my taste palette and try new places. Here are five new places I tried in NYC last week.



The first new place I tried was Injera NYC an Ethiopian restaurant located in the West Village. The atmosphere was cozy and very intimate, and on arrival, my guest and I were seated immediately. As my first time trying Ethiopian food, it was an experience as I got to expand my taste palette and explore the exquisite menu.

My order:

- Meat Sambussa

- A glass of white wine

- Doro Tibs/ Awaz Doro Tibs ( A diced chicken meal with a sourdough flatbread, and sauce)

Overall if you're looking to try something new I recommend this restaurant. Also, there is an option to share your meal collectively on one big plate with your group or separate.


Georgetown Cupcakes

Let's dive into dessert, as a chocolate cupcake lover I was super excited to try Georgetown cupcakes. The frosting caught my eye, and when it came time to order, I went with Chocolate Caramel Easter Bunny; which is their monthly seasonal cupcake, and it was amazing.

My order:

- Chocolate Caramel Easter Bunny


GRK Fresh Greek

I stumbled across this spot when my best friend and I had a sudden urge for Greek food. And not only were the wraps amazing but the prices are great for what you get. Overall, my meal was decent. However, I would have liked a little more salt on my fries, but that's my preference. I recommend if you're looking for a quick bite to eat this is a spot to check out.

My order:

- Pita wrap ( chicken and original TZATZIKI)

- Seasoned fries


Soho Park

This three-floor bar/restaurant located in midtown had a great ambiance. It's the go-to spot for happy hour after work; I was serviced immediately and taken to my table. The menu was okay to my liking, but definitely, a typical menu of burgers, wings, or pasta. I recommend if you want a bite to eat and plan on hitting the bar after, you'll get a good view and chill vibe.

My order:

- Mom's Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

-Chicken & Waffles ( friends order)


Epicerie Boulud

Shopping around Westfield at the World trade shopping center, stop in Epicerie Boulud and try the passion fruit cheesecake. The cheesecake was lovely and were there are lots of delicious dessert options to choose from.

My order:

- Passion fruit cheesecake