Fall Wish list

Fall Wish list

We all know the struggle of trying to budget. Thus, leading to not having extra funds for the fall wardrobe we so delightfully deserve (inhales deeply). However, I'm delighted to inform you though we must be adults and pay our bills first, it doesn't mean we can't window shop. What is your fall wish list items?.

Turtleneck Galore

The bigger, the better, serving Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen 2004 Balenciaga chic with my choice for fall comfort.

Bag Lady!

Bags for me are essential and when the fall comes around a burgundy crossbody bag is my staple piece.

Flare Dare

Trying something new and leaving the comfort of my skinny black jeans. I'm now finding myself drawn to the flair denim for the fall.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 6.27.37 PM.png

Artist flare pant

(American Eagle)

Cold- Don't know her

Oversized denim and corduroy to serve looks while also being able to layer underneath is a MUST !!!

Boots Hunty

Black ankle boots to go with every look. With just the right amount of bump at the heel to give you some height and have the booty looking just right.

A skirt- that's rare?

I've recently gotten into wearing skirts, and the gingham pattern for fall is not a want but a need for me. Now picture with a burgundy crossbody and tucking in a turtleneck. ( screams internally)

Red lips and a pop of color on the eyes

Burgundy lips are for fall… groundbreaking. (NOT!) However, have you ever thought about a pop of color on the eye. The orange, yellow, and burgundy from the Zulu will definitely make a statement.

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