Winter Wish list

Winter Wish list

Tis the season for another wish list of things yah girl got to put on the back-burner. In all seriousness, we all know the struggle of having to save money & sometimes that means holding off on items until the funds are up. So I present to you my winter wish list of goodies that have caught my eye. Comment below what's on your current wish list.

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New Look

You can never have too many coats, it's the perfect winter accessories to dress up or down. And a pop of red will spice up your winter wardrobe, to brighten up even the most gloomy snowy days.

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Shiny black vinyl leggings will definitely make it into my closet. These sexy high-waisted leggings will hug my curves in all the right places.


This satchel from Fossil can be used through all seasons. I love the simplicity of it, and what can I say I can never have too many bags.

Beauty & Hair

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Defiantly in need of a new foundation and i’ve yet to try Fenty beauty. So, this is on the top of my list for beauty must haves.

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Green matte eyeshadow has sparked my interest lately. And I don't know if it’s because I’m feeling super festive, or just want to spice up my look with my favorite color. This single shadow is only $4.00, and NYX has an array of colors to choose from.

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Vanity Planet

Trying to improve my skincare routine. And this budget-friendly brush will surely help combat my blemishes. Also, they are having an awesome buy one get one free deal right now. (click the link to check it out)

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It's winter, and when my hair is not in a protective style, I need to keep it moisturized and healthy. So, I've been wanting to try the Blueberry Bliss Wash Day Bundle.


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Fairy Lights & Polaroids

Since buying my polaroid camera, I’ve taped my pictures to the wall. But, I’m ready to spice up my room and show my beautiful images surrounded by fairy lights.


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Either I'm getting really old, or dental hygiene has been very exciting to me lately. (LOL) Well, the reason I have this toothbrush on my list is I've read great reviews on the quip brand. Also, the color selection is cute.

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Keeping the theme of my excitement over dental hygiene products. This water flosser from Conair has made my list.


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The Book’d planner

2019 is approaching and I’m in need of a new planner. *Check out my post on getting organized & motivated for 2019 in the Nybloom talk time section

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Nikita Gill

A fan of her book Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire and Beauty. I defiantly need to check out her latest installment of poetry.

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